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Facing the AI Frontier: Deep Dives and Deepfakes
Facing the AI Frontier: Deep Dives and Deepfakes

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In this episode of Growth Algorithm, our host Taric, a seasoned technical product manager, and special guest Bobby, a veteran developer, tackle the exciting and sometimes alarming future of artificial intelligence. Drawing on the radical predictions of Stability AI's founder, Imad Mostaque, they explore everything from AI assistants on our phones to personalized AI-generated videos and the potential of AI in healthcare and education.

The discussion takes a serious turn as they delve into the ethical concerns surrounding deepfake technology, particularly the nonconsensual use of images in deepfake pornography. Join Taric and Bobby as they navigate AI's thrilling yet precarious landscape, urging listeners to stay informed, vigilant, and curious in the face of rapid technological advancement.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in AI's ethical implications and future impact.

Grinning & Solving

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